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Does Technology Matter?

Technology matters! Technique matters!

Pigment matters!

Artist's education matters!

This is a very exciting time for our industry. Why does technology, technique, pigments and education matter?

The answer is: Retention!

I am very excited about the Xion! It is a new pen that will be released soon! It has technology the PMU industry have never seen or had access to before.

Some of the features include: ergonomic profile, changeable stroke, adjustable give, uses cartridges, ratcheted system locking settings into place, RCA connectivity, disposable grips and more!

I should have on in my possession soon and will keep you updated. I want all my students and future students to know that I am always looking for advancements in our industry. I am always looking for things that are scientifically sound and will help you catapult your career at an affordable price!

Remember my moto: When it comes to your face there is no compromise!

Take a look for yourself!

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