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Student Testimonial

I love it when I receive testimonials from models. It means so much to the students and the school when this happens. Models are given a form to fill out after the process so that we may learn from their experiences. We ask for all types of feedback along with constructive criticism so we can continue to improve at all times.

Here is a testimonial I just received:

First of all I would like to thank Mary and Nicole and Eva! They were all extremely professional and gracious! To Nicole and Eva I would like to let them know that I could tell by their work how passionate they were about their work. They both did an excellent job! I would also like to say that there was a difference between the pressure that Mary expressed through the process than the girl's. Transform some of that passion into believing in yourself and that you are great at what you do! Put more pressure on your wrist and the bottom of your hand and lighten up with the pressure of the needle. Other than that the shaping was excellent! Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! Bobbie Poulsen.



Janesville, WI, USA

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