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The reviews are in....

Listen to what students had to say about our first XionS, power supply and cartridge class!


Thank you Mary, what an amazing class, you are a born teacher. Looking forward to getting the Xion s and taking more classes.


Mary’s class is so informative and clear on all aspects in each subject. She truly takes away any confusion with the XionS and connects all the “dots” with machine work. Above and beyond my expectations!

Michelle G

I can’t thank you enough Mary for sharing your knowledge with us. You are one amazing teacher!!! I wish everyone could teach like you! You gave us such valuable information, also upon my request you made a video about the cams! I really really appreciate it! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

PS: even my husband told me that this is the way a professional should teach👍

BTW this was by far the best $$$ I have spent on any of my trainings

Nina B

I decided to purchase this class as id heard amazing things about the xion spektra but was unsure about parting with money for another machine. I couldn't be happier i decided to buy marys class as i am now able to make a clear decision with confidence.

Not only does mary give you all the information to understand the working mechanisms of the machine, the class also includes working speeds, technique, needles and what they can be used for, all supplied in clear diagrams and video . For me this information has been invaluable being relatively new to the PMU world. Great little class at a very reasonable price, money well spent.

Thank you mary for sharing your knowledge.

Emma Jo

Micro PMU tattoo supply is AMAZING!!! The classes are helpful and Mary's commitment to this industry is above and beyond anyone in the industry!


Great class!


You are a born teacher, obviously highly intelligent with vast industry knowledge.

The fact that you’re imparting this knowledge means we all benefit.

This lifts the entire PMU game.

Great class, great machine and great tips. Well worth the money. And this little machine is outstanding!”




Janesville, WI, USA

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